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NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Flag (3x5')

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The origins of the 29 member North Atlantic Treaty Organization date to 1947 when the United Kingdom and France signed the Treaty of Dunkirk to stand united against the any military actions against them. It's current nomenclature stems from the 1949 North Atlantic Treaty, signed by the states of Western Europe and North America against the backdrop of the Cold War against communism. Their terms of mutual aide were enacted for the first time when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formed to enforce it's terms at the onset of the Korean War in 1951. For the next several decades, it would serve as the aligning banner of the western powers against the communist Warsaw Pact. 

The present day role of the organization after the Cold War goes on, and notably the International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan under the NATO banner is regarded as the most prominent example. This flag makes for a neat collector piece for veterans of that mission to Afghanistan, their families, and military history enthusiasts in general. Be warned, you might trigger some Commie-boos with it!

Standard 3x5' polyester flag, with two brass rings. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

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