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"Militarized Thighs" Vinyl Decal w/ Rosie the Rhodie

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Rock 'n Roll Rhodie!

After many weeks of figuring things out, the GuardBro x Fireforce Ventures collaboration resulted in our first special Rhodesian "Waifu". She has thighs specially engineered for crushing watermelons, and a rifle designed to defend the free world in style. Her shorts are the shortest, and her load-out is the dankest. She is Rosie the Rhodie!

These first ever Fireforce Ventures decals are constructed from a heavy duty laminated material and adhesive backed, allowed it to be affixed as a bumper sticker or indoor decal. The design itself measures 4.5 inches by 4 inches and is backed in a manually cut white square. They're top notch, and designed to be on par with the gorgeous likeness of Rosie herself! 

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