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Hank here again with another R&D "first look", as we have now finished production of the fabric for the JSDF Jietai Type 2 (aka Japanese Flecktarn) and 32 Battalion Summer patterns. Here's the breakdown of the plans for each camo: 

JSDF Jietai Type 2 Fabric 

  • Specifications: 50-50 polycotton ripstop - original JSDF products were made from a weird material called vinylon, which would have been cost-prohibitive to produce  
  • Standard Production Products: Combat Shirt/Pant, Ranger Shirt/Trouser, Recce Anorak, Operator Boonie, Wide Brim Boonie, Operator Hat 
  • Original Cut Products: Type 2 Patrol Cap, Type 2 Shirt, Type 2 Pant 

32 Battalion Summer Fabric 

  • Specifications: 50-50 polycotton - a bit of a deviation from the original 100% cotton midweight GSM, but in our opinion, it makes the garment a lot more serviceable in the long term and works better with some of our planned cuts. 
  • Standard Production Products: Kaplyn Shirt (same cut as Combat Shirt), Kaplyn Pant (same cut as Ranger Trouser), Kaplyn Anorak (same cut as Recce Anorak), Kaplyn Op Cap (same cut as Operator Hat), Kaplyn Boonie (same cut as Operator Boonie) 
  • Original Cut Products: Bigeard Pattern Hat (French Keko style), Bush Hat (boonie), Field Shirt Long/Short Sleeve, Field Trouser, Bush Jacket 
  • Note: The naming conventions for products are different, even though the cuts are the same. This is to avoid confusion between the fabric being used for the production of the 32 Battalion camo products. They will NOT be ripstop this time around, in order to be able to keep the same "look" of the originals, while still allowing us to do some more of our proprietary cuts. The last thing I want is someone who already owns a set of Ranger or Combat fatigues in RBS or Sumpftarn going "this 32 stuff SUCKS", and sending an angry email because he/she/they did not read the spec sheet indicating the 32 stuff would NOT be in ripstop. You'd think this wouldn't happen, I guarantee ya, you'd be wrong! 

Prices are going to be comparable to all of our other offerings, since many of the cuts were are going to be producing cross over into stuff we've already done in the past. Details will additionally follow for SADF Nutria Brown, including a product list. 

As always, if you have any questions or commentary, please chime in down below and I'll be sure to get back to you! 


Logan Jankiewicz

Date 1/30/2024

Hank - Author

Date 2/3/2024 5:04:24 PM

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