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Italian Army Jack Knife

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Country of Origin: Italy

The "jack knife" was commonplace throughout the British Commonwealth in the personal effects of every soldier from the Great War onwards. It was even still issued in it's mass produced black clasped configuration well into the years of the Rhodesian Bush War, issued to members of the Rhodesian Army after UDI as a standard issue pocket tool. 

These particularly knives are nearly identical with exception to the clasp stippling and lack of markings of the original, which are a tell tale sign that were post-war Italian Army issue. Additionally, they only feature the knife and claw tool of the army issue "jack knife", and lack the marlin hook of the naval issue knives. 

As per most of what's available on the market out there today, these knives are in pretty greasy condition with light surface putting, general wear, and a rather thick layer of grime and grease. However, a quick oil down a few minutes of touching up with steel/brass wool leaves these nifty little pocket tools looking sparkling and sharp! Pictures for these products reflect how great they look, but be advised these "jack knives" are sold as is.

Great and cheap as some vintage looking EDC, or for re-enactors portraying troopies from the trenches of France to the Rhodesian savannah!

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