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Imperial Japanese Army WW2 Reproduction Havelock Hat

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Country of Origin: Empire of Japan

The iconic Havelock cap, issued to enlisted members of the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second World War, purpose built for tropical conditions, and looking mean during a Banzai charge. These hats are constructed from a blended wool, and internal nylon lining with air gromets for breathability, in addition to four large side and back flaps for those "Havelock" aesthetics. 

An interesting and dirt cheap piece of repro kit, ideal for those interested in stomping around the Solomon Islands, or getting nuked (twice). 

Sizing Guide:

  • Size 58 - 7 1/4 inches  diameter 
  • Size 60 - 7 1/2 inches diameter 

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Note: This item is in "Military Surplus Condition." Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details

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