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Hungarian Army M70 Steel Helmet

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Country of Origin: Hungarian People's Republic (defunct Commies!)

Designed in 1970, these Communist Hungarian M70 helmets took a few design nods directly from contemporary Soviet helmets. As with most mass produced communist gear, they aren't exactly the most comfortable, but they did the job as a general issue helmet to malnourished conscripts. These would see a decent service life, adopted in 1971 and seen in use well into the early 1990s until their replacement by the current issue M90 helmet, which maintain a similar silhouette. 

They all feature the helmet shell and an attached fully leather lining, with an integral button closure chinstrap. All are in fairly good shape for surplus helmets, with only very light blemishes and pitting due to age, but nothing extreme by any stretch of the imagination. These helmets are one size fit most, and adjustable internally to accommodate for this. They make for an ideal starter helmet for collectors, communist LARPers, or dudes looking for some workable (albeit evil looking) PPE!

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