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Hungarian Army M49/89 Paratrooper Caps

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Country of Origin: Hungarian People's Republic (Defunct Commies)

Leave it to the Hungarians to make a literal "dick and ball" camouflage pattern! 

An unusual piece of Commie kit, in a pattern referred popularly to as either "swirly-cam", or "phallus pattern" (insert dick jokes here), and becoming increasingly difficult to find. These caps were made to be universally sized hats to be utilized by paratroopers, and feature a velcro closure and two leather straps at the top of the cap. They also also lined internally with faux fur, making them extremely warm and excellent as additionally head insulation on a cold day, despite looking a bit "Cold War". 

These hats are listed in a variety of sizes, most commonly 56cm. However after extensive testing, they but appear to all be universally fitted to 58cm-62cm heads - one size fits most!

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