Remembrance Day is not a sale or holiday for us, it is a day strictly reserved for the fallen. Most prominently for us in Canada, were the 61,122 men and women killed during the Great War. Nearly 1 in 10 Canadian men who went to fight were killed, and many tens of thousands more men were wounded. For many this year in Canada, the recent memory of the 158 sons and daughters we lost fighting in Afghanistan remains ever-present. We owe eternal gratitude to our war dead and they must never be forgotten.

If you are in Canada, we highly recommend you attend your local Remembrance Day ceremony - we will definitely attend ours.

Fireforce Ventures will be offline from 8:00PM MST today, until 8:00PM on November 12th as staff Canadian Remembrance Day. There may be some delays in processing your orders and addressing email questions during this period. Rest assured, we will be getting caught up with all pre-orders, Smock orders and other business immediately upon our return.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us on our official Facebook page or check for the most up to date news: 

Lest We Forget

Please remember to check back soon.

-The Fireforce Ventures Team