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Greek Army Lizard BDU Shirt

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Country of Origin: Greece

Largely influenced by the Portuguese Vertical Lizard patterns, the Greek Lizard pattern is a great stand in for those looking to have the old school "Bush War Mercenary" look, without breaking the bank. These BDUs are the current issue uniforms of the Greek Hellenic Army, and the culmination of nearly 30 years of development and inspiration from French and Portuguese pattern. It remains one of the last "Lizard" patterns used as the standard uniform in the west, but still proves the effectiveness of the pattern after all these years. 

These shirts feature 4 standard large BDU pockets, and are produced in a lightweight ripstop cotton. They have slightly oversized cuffs, but otherwise fit quite well as a standard BDU shirt.

Sizing Guide (based on measurement of actual garment):
  • Small: 42 inch chest
  • Medium: 46 inch chest
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