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German Flecktarn Microfleece Operator Toque

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 Talk about space-age! These excellent toques are imported in from Germany where Flecktarn was born! 

The word "flecktarn" comes from the German words "fleck" meaning "spot", and "tarnung" meaning "camouflage". When you look at it for the first time, it's pretty self evident. However simple the idea of have 5 coloured dots mashed together being adopted as the German Army's go-to pattern, these little dots have a lot of history. Today's Flecktarn is the result of decades of German camouflage development dating back to the Second World War with the original Axis "pea-patterns". The mix of black, brown, dark olive and medium olive green spots on a mossy background make this simple pattern, surprisingly effective in temperate environments, making it the ideal pattern throughout North America and Europe. 

This excellent little 100% polyester microfleece toque will keep you warm all winter long, without the itchiness some experience with wool. Uniquely reinforced stitching and additional polyester lining at the ear area will ensure this outstanding compactable toque keeps you warm for many winters to come. Available at a bargain compared to a lot of comparable microfleece toques, these are a must-have for the winter warrior. 

One size (59-62cm heads) fits most snuggly!

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