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German Army UN Peacekeeping Operations "Morale" Patch

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Country of Origin: Germany

From Katanga, to Rwanda, all the way to Yugoslavia. The United Nations has left a proud legacy of sending under-equip forces into complex political situations. They're quite good at making things a hell of a lot worse by adding layers of confusing bureaucracy into an already horrendous situation.That's why we use the term "morale" patch loosely, we feel bad for the poor sods who've had to deal with any UN command.

Luckily, these patches (surplused from German peacekeeping forces) won't be anywhere causing any more damage. These velcro backed patches measure 2.5 inches in diameter, making them ideal for re-enactors, peacekeeping vets (probably to burn), and hardcore globalists living in Luxembourg. We might have a less than positive impression of the UN in terms of military affairs, but whatever you do with these things, we won't judge ya! 

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