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German Army Tropentarn Pants

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Country of Origin: Germany

ACKTUNG! Herr kamaraden!

The favoured Flecktarn style camo of duck hunters and Bundeswehr troops across the world, modified for arid conditions as “Tropentarn”. Formerly developed as “Wunstertarn”, it takes the effective shapes of Flecktarn, and overlays it with a simplified three-colour dot pattern that works wonders from the American prairies to the Sahara desert. Tragically, Angela Merkel really really (really) hates you and plans on literally burning every single one of these pants, so this might be your last chance to get them!

The mix of black, brown, and olive spots on a tan background make this simple pattern, surprisingly effective in desert environments. These outstanding pants feature a zipper fly, two hand pockets, one German style button closure arse pocket (right cheek, sorry Southpaws), and two large snap button cargo pockets. These pants are the real McCoy.  

Anything in Flecktarn as surplus will become increasingly rare as the German military recently decided that instead of surplusing these fine pants out the public, they're going to be burning them in the most environmentally unfriendly way possible. 

Get them before they're gone, but be forewarned, they might emit a slight smell of braustwurst, saurkraut, and beer!

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