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French Army "Montagne" Alpine Infantry Trousers

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Country of Origin: France

Decades of operational experience in the rugged French Alps have been taken into consideration during the development of these outstanding (and very well fitting) trousers. Weather resistant and extremely hard wearing, these trousers are ready to go for any adventures you go on. The bonus is, you'll also be getting a well-loved piece of kit at a fraction of the cost of other mountaineering trousers typically available in outdoor shops.

  • Genuine French Army Mountain ("Montagne") Infantry issue
  • Extremely heavy duty construction
  • Unique F1 style grey-green colouration, for maximum grey-man appeal
  • Elasticated waistband to allow for a bit of wiggle room in fit
  • Zippered fly and integrated suspenders
  • Kevlar lining for calf and ankle protection
These trousers have seen some extensive use, and are still holding up many years after they were first issued in the 1990s. Whether you're looking for a solid set of wadders for some outdoor recreation or kitting up for a long-term expedition, these trousers are a must have!

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