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French Army MAT49 SMG Pouch

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Country of Origin: France

OD canvas bags, designed for the French MAT-49 Submachine Gun, with it's mid-length 39 round magazine. Adopted in 1949, and first employed in the French Indochina Wars these little pouches and their accompanying SMG have seen quite a bit of action. They most recently made an appearance in the Syrian Civil War of the late 2010s. Now, these interesting pieces of history can be used for all your LARPing or tactical "extendo" magazine purposes! 

The pouches themselves are constructed from an oldschool durable dark grey-green canvas, and fit up to 5 magazines up to approximately 9 inches long. They can be attached to your web gear with a short clip on strap system at the top of the pouch, tucked into belts with the loop at the rear, or incorporated into suspender systems. 

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