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French Army Desert CCE "Daguet" Short-Shorts

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Country of Origin: France

Procurement of these shorts was recommended to us by a former member of the French Foreign Legion, who advised us that a company that sold military short-shorts would not be complete without "Daguet" shorts. Nicknamed as such after Operation Daguet, which was France's involvement in the First Gulf War, these particular shorts are very lightly worn and almost brand spankin' new/ 

Manufactured by KANZALAK for the French Army, this piece of kit is popular with French soldiers in hotter climates, and has become particularly popular with the French Foreign Legion in their African operations. It features the French Army standard Desert Central Camouflage Europe (CCE) which was first adopted in 1991 to replace older F2 and TAP47 stocks, and augment the standard woodland CCE uniform components.

These short-shorts uniquely feature a zippered fly, and 1 inch belt loops to accommodate for belt systems. They also feature slightly oversized hand pockets, which work surprisingly well as the shorts are constructed from a very sturdy cotton ripstop. Despite their rugged and functional construction, the shorts are surprisingly comfortable (we came to this conclusion after extensive testing around the office and in the gym). No wonder these things are popular with the FFL!

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