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French Army CCE Gao Vest

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Country of Origin: France

"Suns out, Guns out!"

Make the enemy surrender, when you point your GUNS at them with this interesting quirky piece of French kit. Manufactured by FESCA in Spain for the French Army, this piece of kit is popular with French soldiers in hotter climates, and has become particularly popular with the French Foreign Legion in their African operations. It features the French Army standard Central Camouflage Europe (CCE) which was first adopted in 1991 to replace older F2 and TAP47 stocks.

Features an ultra low cut v-neck, an apron-cut side, and a sturdy poly-cotton construction, this piece of kit makes a good piece of operational kit in hotter climates, whether you're on the rugby field, grilling some steak, or rocking a plate carrier. It could even work as a cheap piece to be worn, or reworked, for the fashionista in your life!

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Sizing Guide

  • Size 88 (Small) - 34 inch chest
  • Size 96 (Medium) - 37 inch chest
  • Size 104 (Large) - 41 inch chest

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