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Fireforce Ventures "Men Among Men" Graphic T-Shirt - Black

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The Men, among Men of the Rhodesia Security Forces were probably Africa's Greatest Generation in many ways. They fought communism on a shoestring budget, with the entire world against them. Enthralled by the opportunity for adventure, or driven by a genuine desire to fight for the free world, thousands of international volunteers heeded the call to join the Rhodesian Army and Air Force. Among them, were the legendary "Crippled Eagles" of American origin, serving among the legendary Rhodesian Light Infantry, Selous Scouts and Rhodesian Special Air Service. 

Many of these warriors fondly recall the famous "Men Among Men" advertisements which directed them to the army recruiter in Salisbury. We pay tribute to that spirit of enterprise and daring, that helped keep all Rhodesians both black and white, free.

This shirt features the infamous emblem commonly seen in various magazines in the 1970s to advertise the Rhodesian Army. The advertisement would also be utilized in t-shirts sold by various companies dating back to the 1980s. It also features the slightly anachronistic "RHODESIAN ARMY" text underneath the emblem. Unlike many of the other shoddy reproductions currently in the market, this outstanding 100% preshrunk fitted black colour lightweight cotton t-shirt is significantly higher quality, silkscreened for longevity and woven for comfort. You won't look like a box wearing it either, allowing you to "flex" on those who don't care for the history of Rhodesia's fighting service. 

Proudly remember their fighting prowess and resilience with this outstanding tee, be a Man Among Men! 

Sizing Guide (based on actual measurements):
  • Small: 36-38 inch chest
  • Medium: 38-40 inch chest
  • Large: 40-42 inch chest
  • Extra Large: 42-44 inch chest
  • Extra Extra Large: 44-46 inch chest
  • Extra Extra Extra Large: 46-48 inch chest
Proudly printed in Canada, and featuring the official logo of Fireforce Ventures on the inside. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!