Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Below are some of the common questions that we've often received. Please don't be offended if we've re-directed you here, we aren't a big ticket store. We get hundreds of these questions (in some variation, or another) and don't have an outsourced 24/7 army of customer service agents to take your calls, DMs and emails. Often we know as much as you do, or as much as the FAQ can provide given the constant chaos we seem to find ourselves in. 

If you think you are a special squirrel and want to know why the Rhodesian Brushstroke Gortex-Ripstop-MOLLE compatible Man-Thong you dreamed up has not magically teleported to your residence, feel free to cuss us out - but we reserve the right to not respond or service you.  

 1. What is Fireforce Ventures?

Fireforce Ventures is a purveyor of militaria, inspired in large part by the vintage kit of the bush warriors of Southern Africa. It is was founded in July 2016 in Calgary, Canada, and have since moved to North Texas. Click here to learn more about Fireforce Ventures! 

 2. When are you going to have "this product" or "that product" in stock, or restocked? 

 Please don't be "that guy" with this email! We don't give out ETA's on restocks as this can change quick rapidly based on the availability of fabrics, surplus auctions, etc. Given that the fact that we have almost 1000+ different products and variations in our system, our procurement schedule is quite irregular. We regularly update our product availability when stuff arrives, and offer email notifications when out-of-stock products return. 

 3. Where do the operations for Fireforce Ventures take place? 

Fireforce Ventures currently conducts shipping operations in a private location in North Texas, along the Oklahoma border. Some follow up tasks such as customer service and email are completed remotely at times from a location in Calgary, Alberta - but our company is otherwise 100% operational within the state of Texas and the United States of America.  

 4. Do you ship internationally? 

YES! We ship to just about every country in the world where mail can be delivered. Right now, we deliver throughout North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa via USPS.

 5. Do you have any wholesale pricing? 

Yes we do, but only for certain custom products such as Rhodesian Brushstroke. We have some solid relationships with various small businesses, historical re-enactment/airsoft groups, military/LEO formations, anti-poaching networks, and a whole host of other very cool people. If you have a need for a lot of custom kit in wholesale prices, we're more than happy to help. In fact, the more the merrier! For additional information, please contact us at [email protected]  

 6. I have a shipping question/issue or would like an exchange. What can I do about this?

Bear in mind again, we are not a big ticket corporation. It may take up to 2-3 business days to process your orders, and may require additional time during busy periods. Additionally, sometimes our customer service email may be flagged as spam on occasion depending on who your email service provider is. We will make every effort to forward you tracking information if you have selected a shipping option that has it. You may receive a transaction number labelled automatically as a tracking number for small packets, or no tracking number at all via lettermail in your shipping confirmation. This is normal, as no tracking numbers are available for either of these options. If you received the wrong product(s) or quantities in your order, please send us an email immediately with your order number, and the name of the shipper who signed your invoice. You can email us with this information at [email protected] and we'll get on top of it as soon as possible. 

Please note,  Hank will also be sure to whip the wretched urchin responsible for said mistake, or self flagellate accordingly.  For additional concerns about all things shipping, returns and exchanges, please refer to our Shipping & Returns Policy. Please thoroughly read our policy and contact us first before sending anything back as a return or exchange.  

7. Do you do any pre-orders or pre-sales for upcoming products and launches?

After some horrible experiences from 2019-2021, Fireforce Ventures has discontinued any public pre-orders. We have deep regret for extremely long delivery timeframes in past pre-orders, which were completely unacceptable and We have no plans to have pre-orders or pre-sales again as the practice is bad for both customers and for us as a business. Fireforce Ventures will always produce a full run of new launches, and have stock on hand, before making sales publicly available. 

8.  What currency and payment methods do your company accept?

As a US based corporation, we only accept United States Dollars (USD), which is converted to your local currency after checkout if applicable. Additional sales taxes may also be charged based on state law, if you are ordering from the United States.  We do not conduct any business via PayPal, electronic money transfer, wire transfer, cheques or cash due to security reasons. Our web based Shift4 checkout platform is fully encrypted and the best option for our business. For more information about Shift4's, please visit  

9. I am attempting to place an order, but it keeps declining!

This tends to only be a problem if you are placing an order from outside of the United States as your bank will register a foreign transaction and place a temporary or immediate hold on it for security reasons. Wherever you are, please check with your bank or credit card provider first and confirm that there was no pause on the transaction. 

10. Can you create a special or custom products for me? 

Short answer, no. We are not a bespoke company, and unfortunately, not everything we sell may fit you completely or suit your exact needs. We may expand into custom work down the road, but just not at this time. We always have dozens of projects on the go at once, and they take time (and money) to materialize. 

We do things correctly and don't cut corners when it comes to research and development especially when it comes to hard-wearing gear. If you're looking for new product development updates, we recommend checking out our Buyer's Club for more details. Otherwise, we are not able to simply will things into existence at your request (just yet).  If you are interested in working with us to develop custom products on a B2B basis, please contact us at [email protected]  

11. What makes your "Rhodesian Brushstroke" the real deal? 

Ours is the real deal, because it is the real deal, always based off the same original David Whitehead Textiles, and always far superior to post-war and copycat replications. We also have conducted many years of research on the manufacturing processes of the original uniform/equipment makers of Rhodesia, including the production variants of Statesman, Paramount, Trako, Monogram, Lennard Clothing, John Rowlett & Sons, City Clothing, North, Fereday & Sons, Monogram and Lord Kitchener. 

12. I have a customer service need that is not addressed by this FAQ, where can I contact you?

Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance with anything customer service related. This includes topics such as:

  • In-stock product information or questions 
  • Sizing questions 
  • Product returns and exchanges
  •  Order cancellations 
  • Missing or incorrectly packed products  
  • Buyer's Club admissions  
  • Billing issues  
  • Shipment tracking issues  
  • Website and technical support

Effective 31 July 2022, we no longer maintain a public customer service phone line. Please note that any company phone numbers that may be forwarded to you in your invoices, are strictly for international customs and are not equip for customer service calls. 

Please also note, we do not handle any customer service requests, inquiries, or complaints over any of our other social media platforms to include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Minds, or any other platforms where we may have a presence. Additionally, Fireforce Ventures will never contact you with unsolicited requests for financial information, invoice billing, store credit information, or refund/exchange information over any of the aforementioned platforms. Our "Emails Only" approach to customer service exists to ensure a direct and clear chain of communications, and also to ensure that any private details associated with orders to include names, emails, and addresses remain private. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional details.

13. What is your opinion of "insert name of company or OEM"? 

We won't throw shade or make comments about anyone we have worked with in the past, present or future, nor will we directly discuss competing companies. Things sometimes don't pan out, such is the nature of business. We're focused on doing what we do, and as per our company ethos, doing right by everyone wherever we can. 

14. Your company is evil, offensive, racist, tasteless, and should be BANNED!!?!!

Good. Touch grass. For more about what Fireforce Ventures' values are as a company, please consult with our Terms of Service