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Empire of Japan "Rising Sun" Flag (3x5')

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"Tennoheika Banzai!"

Adopted in 1870 as a symbol of the new Imperial supremacy in Japan, the "Rising Sun" flag was flown as the standard through various regional wars and both World Wars. Variations existed as the official battle flags of both the Imperial Japanese Army and Imperial Japanese Navy during the Second World War, with the red sun being offset to the left or centered. It features a red offset sun, with 16 rays of red, traditionally seen as symbols of good fortune. 

The flag fell out of official use for the Japanese government after the Second World War, but still continues to see a "service life" as a symbol of Japanese culture, and as a key element in the modern Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. 

Note: Photos for this product will be updated later, the background of the flag is more "bleach white" than the lighting in the picture portrays, as a standard Rising Sun flag should be. 

Standard 3x5' polyester flag, with two brass rings. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

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