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East German UTV Webbing Skeleton Set

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Country of Origin: East German (defunct Commies!)

Found at the very bottom of one of our giant boxes of military surplus - and now becoming extremely rare!

Utilized by the East German People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee), the Strichmuster or "raindrop" pattern was first developed as the standard issue cammies in 1965 by some godless Eastern Bloc commies. This interesting Warsaw Pact pattern was noted to have found it's way to Africa through the Soviet support of various communist anti-colonial forces. 

The H-harness features wide padded shoulders in the German Strichmuster raindrop pattern with loop attachment points, two front upper camo pouches, adjustable front and rear straps, and "C" style belt attachment clips.

Belts measure approximately 40 inches when adjusted to their longest possible length, and can be cinched down to fit the wearer.

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