East German "Panzerdivision" Tank Crew Jacket

East German "Panzerdivision" Tank Crew Jacket

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Country of Origin: East Germany (defunct Commies!)


Utilized by the East German People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee), this tank crew jacket saw use with the various "Panzer" and "Motorisierte-Schützen" battlegroups that formed the backbone the Nationale Volksarmee.

This jacket is extremely functional, featuring two buttoned pockets, a tough zipper, and adjustable hems/cuffs. For milsurp, it is in outstanding condition. This jacket suits any "black ops" need whether it be invading West Germany, or invading the local pub. Play the part of the black devil, and look deadly doing it!

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  • Small: 44 inch EU size, 36-38 inch chest measurement

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