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East German Border Guards "Grenztruppen" Peak Hat

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Country of Origin: East Germany


The Border Troops of East Germany (Grenztruppen der DDR) were employed to guard the Eastern end of the Berlin wall, and the borders of the East German state during the Cold War, and were officially part of the army (Nationale Volkesarmee) until 1971. They played the controversial role as the wardens of the East German state apparatus, preventing foreign actors from entering their borders and stopping their own citizens from escaping their dystopian existence in East Germany. Their actions sometimes included the use of lethal force, to prevent East Germans from seeking freedom in the west. Many former officers deservedly be handed criminal sentences after the conclusion of the Cold War, and destruction of the Berlin Wall. 

At it's peak, the unit consisted of 47,000 volunteers and conscripts, who held a unique place of reverance in the East German state as a bulwark against the influence of the Western world. They were generally more highly disciplined, better paid and equipped than members of the regular army or paramilitary groups such as the kDa. In keeping with their unique status, the Grenztruppen would wear unique green facings on their peak hats, a stark contrast on the grey of the regular East German peak caps. 

These unique caps are still brand spankin' new, and never issued. Since the Berlin Wall isn't really a thing, this is a great piece of kit for collectors, or simply for those looking to get their daily power trip and authoritarian "LARP" on! 

Sizing Guide: 

  • 54 cm - 6 3/4 inches diameter 
  • 56 cm- 7 inches diameter 
  • 58 cm - 7 1/4 inches  diameter 
  • 60 cm - 7 1/2 inches diameter 
  • 62 cm - 7 3/4 inches diameter 

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Note: This item is not considered military surplus as per our return policy as it was never issued, however it is still an authentic piece of military equipment.