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East German Army Strichmuster Raindrop "Creepy" Tri-Finger Gloves

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Country of Origin: East Germany (defunct Commies!

Super creepy thing finger gloves in East German Strichmuster. Perfect for three-fingered aliens looking to invade Earth.  

Utilized by the East German People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee), the Strichmuster or "raindrop" pattern was first developed as the standard issue cammies in 1965 by some godless Eastern Bloc commies. This interesting Warsaw Pact pattern was noted to have found it's way to Africa through the Soviet support of various communist anti-colonial forces. 

These bizarre gloves are pretty rugged, and feature a heavy duty cotton canvas construction with suede palms for grip. They additionally feature a light layer of polyester lining for insulation, making it a good all-season glove which can be easily be layered upon for colder conditions.

They are all one size fit most, fitting small to large hand size ranges. 

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