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East German Army Strichmuster Raindrop 40L Combat Pack w/ Yoke

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Country of Origin: East Germany (defunct Commies!)

Nearly new East German issue combat packs, with grey yokes to fully complete your East German battle rattle! Utilized by the East German People's Army (Nationale Volksarmee), the Struchmuster or "raindrop" pattern was first developed as the standard issue cammies in 1965 by some godless Eastern Bloc commies. This interesting Warsaw Pact pattern was noted to have found it's way to Africa through the Soviet support of various communist anti-colonial forces. 

These strichtarn raindrop bags are strap secured, 40L capacity, sexy as hell bags, designed specifically for use with the East German Army Grey Belts, but the yoke can be jerry rigged to use the bag as a standalone (however farby and historical inaccurate this may be). The bags also feature grey leather cinching straps on the sides, and a large cinching strap on top to secure fasten pioneer tools, sleeping equipment. The cherry on top is the aesthetic raindrop patterned carrying handle. 

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Note: This bag is compatible with the East German Army Grey Belts we carry in stock, but the belt is not included with this product. This item is in "Military Surplus Condition." Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details.