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Dutch Army DPM Camelbak® w/ Brand New 3L Bladder

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Country of Origin: Netherlands

If there's one ESSENTIAL piece of kit you need in the bush, it's something to carry water. As far as serving as that piece of kit, a 3L Camelbak® is the end all, be all.

These Disruptive Material Pattern (DPM) packs were issued to the Dutch Army for general operations in temperate climactic conditions. They feature the standard features of the older Camelbak® Themobaks with a large bladder compartment and two smaller auxillary components. The bag itself is also constructed from extremely sturdy Codura to military specifications. 

While the bags themselves are surplus issue, the 3L nylon bladders are brand spankin' new, manufactured specifically for these bags to the same high standards. They feature an insulated chemical resistant hose, sturdy mouthpiece with protective cap (which can be replaced as needed), and easy screw tops. Again, we want to stress these are "brand spankin' new", no crustiness at all in this most critical component of the Camelbak®. 

Limited quantities available, at prices far better than buying these things anywhere else after market. Don't we just love surplus? 

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