Danish Civil Defence M71 Heavyweight Jackets

Danish Civil Defence M71 Heavyweight Jackets

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Country of Origin: Denmark

Heavy duty, non-nonsense jackets issued to Danish Civil Defence forces during the Cold War, built to withstand Danish winters, and potential Soviet invasions. Adopted in 1971 during the height the Cold War, it is no surprise that these jackets are purpose built. Since the Cold War never turned hot, most of these jackets are in barely used or completely brand new condition. Somehow, the Danes even managed to prevent the standard muskiness of milsurp from creeping in. They look, smell and feel like you had just gone back in time and picked up one of these jackets for yourself!

These extremely utilitarian jackets feature four large velcro pockets, a heavy duty zipper closure, shoulder epaulettes, and an awesome Danish Civil Defence crest on the left shoulder.

Sizing Guide (based on garment measurements):

  • Medium-Regular: 46 inch chest - 33 inch length
  • Large-Short: 50 inch chest - 31 inch length
  • Large-Regular: 50 inch chest - 33 inch length

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