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Danish Army M69 Winter Wool Sweater

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Part Number: DAWWS
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Country of Origin: Denmark

Extremely comfortable, if a bit itchy, but this ain't you grandma's cardigan!

These Royal Danish Army M69 Winter Wool Sweaters take the definition of "ugly Christmas sweater" to a whole new, tactical, arctic warrior level. The are constructed as a 100% gray wool (meaning don't chuck them in the dryer) full zip sweater that can be utilized as a midlayer, or an outer layer if you're going for "gray man" mystique. 

The arms are articulated allowing the wool to stretch without much effort assisting in ease of movement, making it far superior to other "liners" available in the milsurp market today. The sweaters also feature thumb holes, and armpit vents for extra operational effectiveness during winter operations. 

Sizing Guide: 
  • Size 36: Fits small, 34-36 inch chest circumference
  • Size 38: Fits medium, 36-38 inch chest circumference
  • Size 40: Fits large, 38-40 chest circumference
  • Size 40: Fits extra large, 40-42 chest cirumference
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