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Danish Army M1919 Machine Gun Ammo Boxes

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Country of Origin: Denmark (WW2)

This is a must have for ammo box collectors, and we only have a very limited amount. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Unique Danish patterned and marked ammunition boxes, intended for the M1919 machine gun for use during the Second World War and beyond. These are truly some remarkable boxes, and we've never seen anything like them, and we've run into a lot of different ammunition boxes in our travels! There is a potential that the boxes may date to an even earlier period, but given Danish neutrality in the First World War, it is a bit harder to determine. 

Their unique slanted cover aesthetic is not common among any other ammunition box out there, and give it a remarkably good seal for any goodies and ordnance you stick inside. The photos indicate the standard quality of these boxes, and we went to great lengths to remove any surface rust on the boxes and check to ensure the functionality of all hinges/closure mechanisms. The boxes were bright red with rust when they came to us, but the original green paint seems to have kept their place underneath. 

The boxes themselves feature a standard clip closing mechanism as seen in most ammunition boxes, and also include metal handling straps at the hinge. The canvas carrying strap is attached at the top of the cover, and can be adjusted with a British style wartime buckle. The canvas itself is in remarkably good condition for it's age, and may feature the cipher of the Kingdom of Denmark - the only clue of it's origin and age. 

Measures 13x7x4 box, this product is an outstanding example of an extremely uncommon box, it it remains quite roomy and functional! 

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