Czechoslovakia Army OD Rain Parka w/ Real Fur Collar

Czechoslovakia Army OD Rain Parka w/ Real Fur Collar

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Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic/Slovakia

A big parka, for a big guy!

These are outstanding olive drab rain parkas manufactured in the transition period between Czechoslovakia's dissolution, and the foundation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Somehow, they were able to place together an exceptional rain parka that is not only exceptionally effective in the field, but compatible with a real fur collar made from Golden jackals native to Slovakia.

These incredible parkas feature four zippered pockets, zippered/buttoned closure for extra insulation, and a removable fur collar. The collars will be shipped securely tucked into the jacket to ensure that the fur collar arrives in good shape. For what they are, these jackets are incredibly cheap and well worth the expense! 

Sizing Guide:

  • Medium: 46 inch chest garment measurement, fits 38-40 inch chest

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