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Czech Army vz.95 Woodland Tactical Vest

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Country of Origin: Czech Republic

A modernized derivative of the unique vz.85 woodland pattern of the Czech Republic, the vz.95 is a top notch four colour US ERDL styled pattern, first adopted enmasse in 1995 and still serving as the standard operational pattern of the Czech Army. These outstanding tactical vests are designed to be worn with this uniform, providing the operator with easy access to all his field essentials, ammunition, and full adjustment for wear either with or without body armour. 

This tactical vest is full of features including:

  • Durable Codura construction and internal mesh lining
  • Two "quick draw" magazine pouches at both hips
  • Two large zippered utility pouches
  • Two small velcro utility pouches
  • Two grenade pouches
  • Central smoke grenade pouch
  • Vertical utility pouch on left shoulder strap
  • Velcro panelling on padded shoulders
  • Full adjustment straps at rear
  • Dual zippered/velcro closure

Fully adjustable as mentioned above, one size fit all!

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