Czech Army OD Rain Jacket

Czech Army OD Rain Jacket

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Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic/Slovakia

A big parka, for a big guy!

These are outstanding olive drab rain parkas manufactured in the transition period between Czechoslovakia's dissolution, and the foundation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Somehow, they were able to place together an exceptional rain parka that is not only exceptionally effective in the field. The standard issue Czech fur collars work with the buttons of the collars of this jacket, but unfortunately supplies of the real fur have evaporated and likely won't come back again,

These incredible parkas feature four zippered pockets, zippered/buttoned closure for extra insulation. For what they are, these jackets are incredibly cheap and well worth the expense! 

Sizing Guide:

Chest Fit

Height and Length

Extra Small: 34-36 inch chest fit, garment measures 38 inches across chest

Extra Short: 5’5-5-7 height, garment measures 25 inches from collar stitch to bottom

Small: 36-38 inch chest fit, garment measures 42 inches across chest

Short: 5’6-5’8 height, garment measures 27 inches from collar stitch to bottom

Medium: 38-40 inch chest fit, garment measures 46 inches across chest

Regular: 5’9-5’11 height, garment measures 29 inches from collar stitch to bottom

Large: 40-42 inch chest fit, garment measures 50 inches across chest

Long: 6’0-6’2 height, garment measures 31 inches from collar stitch to bottom

Extra Large: 42-44 inch chest fit, garment measures 54 inches across chest

Extra Long: 6’1-6’3 height, garment measures 33 inches from collar stitch to bottom

Extra Extra Large: 44-46 inch chest fit, garment measures 58 inches across chest

Extra Extra Long: 6’3-6’5+ height, garment measures 35 inches from collar stitch to bottom

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4 Stars
Is Hank even sane about these prices?
The parka I got is 7/10 in terms of its OVERALL condition. It really makes you question if Hank is sane at all when he priced these parka! :^) The parka is well maintained and well cared for by the previous owner. Overall exterior condition is excellent, however there are some signs of use when you look at the inside. The interior has a few areas where it's been stitched like mad to "repair" some holes or abrasion. Stress points like the buttons have been "over-stitched" to keep it nice in place. Button holes appear to be kinda worn out but it's repairable. The bottom 5th button is missing and covered over. Finally, one of the pocket's zippers is a bit hard to zip (may be starting to fail?). There's a big hole near the armpit area of the inner lining, but that's understandable considering the type of material used. I could stitch it up no problem. The design of this parka is quite absurd. The pockets are practically useless because of how shallow they are. At most, the hand pockets can literally only fit your hands at max, and the chest pockets can really only take two wallets at most. One of the hand pockets has a torn hole in it which enters a secondary bigger pocket that is 2.5x the actual intended pocket size that can easily house two PS Vitas for instance. Really makes you wonder why the designer designed this parka in such an absurd way! What I really do like about this parka is the fur; it's the real highlight here! It's great to the touch and has a unique feel. I'll be sure to take good care of this parka! For those of you who finished reading my review and are interested in purchasing one for yourself, go buy it NOW before Hank raises the price! ( ?° ?? ?°) PS. This parka does not come with a hood. :( Then again, for $15 CAD how much can you ask for?
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canada. on 5/10/2019