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Czech Army M92 Work Shirt

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Country of Origin: Czech Republic

The M92 Czech pattern is a pretty unique take on a semi-pixellated small blotch woodland-ish pattern with a simple two colour scheme, making it actually pretty ideal for wooodland environments. These particular shirts in the M92 pattern were intended as hard use work shirts, but are surprising comfortable, feeling more like a soft pajama shirt than heavy duty work wear. 

The shirts themselves feature two large breast pockets, a velcro square at the top of the right breast, and an elasticated waist for fashion's sake. 

For our first batch of these shirts, they're all unfortunately Grade 2, meaning that that seem to have some white paint stains on the sleeves and back, given that these are literally "work shirts" and utilized. You might have a hard time when the lads give you a ribbing about being covered in "daddy's cummies", but at least the shirts are still extremely cheap, serviceable and very very comfy. 

Sizing Guide: 

  • Small-Short: 42 inch chest, 27 inch length - Fits 36-38 inch chest, 5'6-5'8 height
  • Medium-Short: 46 inch chest, 27 inch length - Fits 38-40 inch chest, 5'6-5'8 height
  • Medium-Regular: 46 inch chest, 29 inch length - Fits 38-40 inch chest, 5'9-5'11 height

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