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Courteney Boot Kudu Leather Insole

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Country of Origin: Zimbabwe

Comfy African insoles that'll work for everything from a favourite pair of sneakers to your door-kicker boots!

Courteney Boots also only utilizes legally hunted Kudu hide that has been thoroughly inspected by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority. Poachers don't get your cash, they get slotted!

Constructed by Courteney Boot's own craftsmen in Famona, Bulawayo, this classic a must have for your adventures, and most importantly your feet! For more information on the construction of these world famous Vellies, check out Courteney Boot's website at https://www.courteneyboot.com/

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  • UK Size 9: US Men's Size 9.5
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  • UK Size 10: US Men's Size 10.5
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  • UK Size 11US Men's Size 11.5
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