Customer service

We maintain a regularly staffed email for customer service inquiries, which should respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. We also maintain an "Email Only" approach to customer service to ensure a direct and clear chain of communications, and also to ensure that any private details associated with orders including names, emails, and addresses remain private. 

Effective 31 July 2022, we no longer maintain a public customer service phone line. Please note that any company phone numbers that may be forwarded to you in your invoices, are strictly for international customs and are not equip for customer service calls. 

Please note that emails may be subject to an additional 48-72 hour response time, depending on the complexity of the request or busy holiday periods. We highly recommend checking out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page prior to sending out an email - chances are, your answer is already there!  

Customer service inquiries that we can handle include the following topics:

  • In-stock product information or questions
  • Sizing questions
  • Product returns and exchanges
  • Order cancellations 
  • Missing or incorrectly packed products 
  • Buyer's Club admissions 
  • Billing issues 
  • Shipment tracking issues 
  • Website and technical support

Please note, we do not give restock updates, R&D reports, or accept product suggestions over our customer service email. If you're looking for these updates, we recommend checking out our Buyer's Club for more details.

To get help with customer service, please send us an email at [email protected]

Customer Service Email Availability Hours

Monday – Saturday: 12:00 – 19:00 CST  


By submitting photos to our monthly photo submission contest, you grant Fireforce Ventures Corporation permission to use your provided name and likeness for marketing purposes. Our standard Privacy Policy shall apply to any photo submissions we receive. To ensure your comfort and privacy, please adhere to the following: 

  • Wear or utilize a product sold by Fireforce Ventures. 
  • Ensure that the photo you provide does not violate any laws of your local jurisdiction, or anything within our Terms of Service including political association, illegal activities, or anything otherwise unethical.  
  • Specify the name or pseudonym you want to be identified by. 
  • Preemptively redact any confidential information, including facial features, nametapes, and identifying markers that you do not want to have publicly posted. 
  • Explicitly indicate your consent for Fireforce Ventures Corporation to utilize your likeness for marketing.
  • Acknowledge, that Fireforce Ventures Corporation will not otherwise alter or manipulate any of the photos you provide, and likewise bears no responsibility for any consequences for photos submitted. Accepted photo submissions are presumed to be submitted in good faith, and within the confines of legal/ethical behavior. 

Fireforce Ventures Corporation reserves the right to refuse any submissions where the above is not adhered to, especially any if our Terms of Service as a company are breached. 

Winners will be chosen through public polling on the Fireforce Ventures Instagram page each month. The public poll winner will receive a USD $50 gift certificate (valid for 14 days). Additionally, the Fireforce Ventures staff will select a "Staff Pick" winner each month, who will be awarded a USD $50 gift certificate (valid for 14 days) and a curated pack of goodies at the discretion of the Fireforce Ventures staff.

To submit your photos for our monthly giveaways, send us an email at [email protected]. Alternatively, Fireforce Ventures Buyer's Club members share the photos to the Share Your Kit channel in the Fireforce Ventures Buyer's Club Guilded, with a comment as to what pseydonym you'd like to be identified as. 


If you are interested in purchasing Fireforce Ventures products at wholesale pricing or would like to engage with us on a B2B partnership basis, we maintain a separate email address to handle your inquiries. 

We are proud to have supplied to various retail partners, and some truly magnificent uniformed personnel in the past. Fireforce Ventures is confident we'll be able to meet the needs of your group, whatever they may be. Based on the complexity of your specific request, it may take us up to 3-5 business days to respond to your email. 

Wholesale and organizational inquires that are handled by this separate email include the following topics:

  • Bulk orders requests for resale 
  • Bulk orders for military/LEO formations and units
  • Bulk production requests for custom projects
  • OEM inquiries 
  • Marketing sponsorships 
  • Social media partnerships 
  • Any other B2B inquiries 

Please note, our wholesale/organizations email is not equipped to handle customer service inquiries. Any customer service related emails incorrectly sent to our wholesale/organizational email will not be addressed to prioritize the needs of our wholesale/organizational clients. 

To get help with wholesale/organization inquiries, please send us an email at [email protected].

For clients in Canada, please check out our partner company CanadaCamo at