Columbian Incolma 22" Military Machete w/ Codura Sheathe

Columbian Incolma 22" Military Machete w/ Codura Sheathe

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Country of Origin: Columbia

22 inch military machetes, surplused out from Incolma in Columbia because they have some minor cosmetic blemishes to the bluing, generally at the base of the blade. These machetes have been the bench mark for all military machetes, dating back to the 1784 in Spanish America. These straight blade machetes are designed to handle the rigours of jungle conditions of South America, and anywhere else where things are "wetter" than normal.

The machetes are stamped "Gavilan De Incolma", and have a checkered polymer handle. Each machete also includes a free 5Star Gear OD Green Codura Sheathe which feature a velcro strap to secure the handle

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