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Chinese Army (PLA) Type 63 Rifleman Webbing

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Country of Origin: People's Republic of China

This Rifleman Webbing, "liberated" from the Chinese People's Liberation Army has been sitting in some musky communist warehouse for quite some time, but remain in pristine condition for what they are. It was designed as the initial canvas webbing to replace the earlier SKS Type 56 webbing for the SKS rifle, once the Type 63 SKS rifle was released. 

The webbing itself features 6 pockets, which fit two stripper clips each, and a secondary component on the left hip which has the ability to store 4 rockets, mortars, or long stick magazines. Even though it has a relatively ergonomic design in terms of the placement of the pouches and the easy to use opening straps, it still remained far less popular in use than the common AK47 Type 56 webbings, since the Type 63 SKS utilized detachable magazines. 

Outdated at inception, tonnes of these webbings remained unused, or likely ended up as second rate surplus for penny pinching Vietnamese guerillas in the 1970s. Lucky for us, they still fit 12 stripper clips and 4 chocolate bars for all your milsurp related field excursions of today!

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