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Chinese Army (PLA) Type 56 SKS Chest Rig

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Country of Origin: People's Republic of China

The Type 56 SKS has a reputation of being a lightweight, solution to the problem of a stripper clip loaded rifle. It proved pretty decent in the jungles of Vietnam over the course of many years, after it was introduced in 1956. Today's it's now a kind of a "must have" for the poverty-operator out there, trying to go "innawoods" with his or her SKS. 

Surplused in absolutely huge numbers (which figures, given the Chinese and Vietnamese population), these 10 pocket chest rigs allow you to carry a pretty impressive 100 rounds of 7.62x39mm rounds on stripper clips, as it is adapted specifically for the SKS. For the time, they worked pretty well in combat, and still make a nifty cheap-o rig for anyone looking to do some "innawoods" plinking. 

Not bad for evil god-less communist heathens - and a pretty good batch compared to many others we've seen!

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