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Canadian Great War Ensign Patch

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From Ypres to Hill 70, and all the way through to the very end pushing Jerry back to the Rhine, Canada was there. 1 in 10 of the young Canadian men sent overseas lost their lives, machine gunned at St. Julien, or lost beneath the mud of Passchendaele. Thousands more would return home, only to lose their lives to the Spanish flu, or fighting in Siberia. The old detailed ensign, was the flag that fought under. It bore the distinctive insignia of every region in the young country as it went to war in 1914. 

It was a generation of young men, lost in the world's first truly industrialized war. They did not die in vain. They fought so the very idea of Canada, could exist. A Canadian Corps, and a Canadian Army fighting together for the first time. However honourable and important the myth, there was no glamour in their fight. They fought through machine gun bullets, gas, artillery, and in savage hand to hand combat against their fellow man. 

Fireforce Ventures is a proudly Canadian company, and the sacrifices of these men will never forgotten by us. Lest we forget. 

Produced in the standard 3x2.5" size with hook velcro backing, similar in specification to milspec unit patches. Features a stylized representation of the Canadian Red Ensign flown during the Great War. All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

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