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Canadian Expeditionary Force Reproduction General List Cap Badge

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Part Number: CEFRGKCB
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Country of Origin: Canada

1-to-1 scale bronzed replica of the Type 1 Canadian Expeditionary Force General List Cap Badge. It was intended as a general issue cap badge and issued to the over 600,000 men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in lieu of a regimental cap badge. Theoretically, it was meant as a standardized cap badge to differentiate Canadian soldiers from their British counterparts. However in practice, this was often skirted due to the high level of espirit d'corps individual soldiers maintained for their respective units.

Featuring the unique Maple Leaf insignia of Canadian soldiers of the Great War, it also features the Tudor crown contemporary to the era. 

These cap badges make for a great piece of Canadiana and are a must have for Great War collectors. Each cap badge includes cotter pin to allow you to fix it to any headdress or uniform component. Each badge measures approximately 1.5 by 1.5 inches. 

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