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Canadian Army OD Windproof Trousers

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Country of Origin: Canada

Designed to protect your family jewels from the cut of a Canadian winter, these are some pretty useful trousers.

They are dated from as early as 1971 to the 1990s, and were slowly phased out of the Canadian Forces clothing system with the adoption of CADPAT in 2001. Due to the condition of many of the tags, it is impossible to date every individual trouser. However, their long service life stands as a testament to their preferred use by the Canadian Army through numerous exercises and operational duties.

These excellent trousers can be worn as standalones or as an outer shell during cold weather conditions. They are intentionally cut to be baggier in order to accommodate long johns, liners or regular combat pants. This makes them an ideal piece of kit for mountain operations and other hard use while ensuring you can romp around with that 90s era aesthetic.

  • Heavier weight nylon-cotton construction
  • Two large slot-buttoned cargo pockets
  • Two large slot-buttoned hand pockets
  • Zippered Canadian style two-way fly
  • Cinching straps at front of waist for size adjustment
  • Blousing string at leg cuffs

Canadian Height Conversions:

Height in Inches

Length in Feet/Inches

67 inches - Short

5'6 - 5'8

70 inches - Regular

5'9 - 5'11

73 inches - Long

6'0 - 6'2

76 inches - Extra Long

6'3 - 6'5

Please note, the cinching straps of these windproof trousers allow the actual waist size to be cinched down 4 inches.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

Note: This product is in "Military Surplus Condition". Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for details.

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