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Canadian Army Knife-Fork-Spoon Kit

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Country of Origin: Canada

Picture this, It's dark and you are in a trench. Your inferior American MRE Spoon snaps from the freezing cold. This wouldn't have happened if you had used this glorious folded steel, Canadian KFS Kit. Avoid these field shenanigans with this essential piece of equipment! 

Included in this kit:

  • Canadian Army Issue Canvas Carrier Pouch
  • Tactical Assault Butter Knife w/ clasp to hold together fork and spoon
  • Soup/Taliban-face Entrenching Tool (spoon)
  • High Speed Quad-point Trident (fork)

All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). We ship internationally!

Note: This item is in "Military Surplus Condition." Please refer to our Shipping and Returns Policy for more details. All Canadian Army surplus products were procured legally from Public Services and Procurement Canada.