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Bulgarian Army "Coconut" Canteen - WW2 Issue

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Country of Origin: Kingdom of Bulgaria

A pretty unusual collectible from the former Kingdom of Bulgaria, dated to the 1940-1950s wartime and post-war period, and in a very similar fashion to those issued to Axis forces in Afrika! 

These canteens are wood covered as insulation in adverse climatic conditions, as wartime conditions caused shortages of wool which were more commonly seen in wartime canteens by all other nations. As a result, the canteens look more like a "coconut" than a water bottle! All canteens feature a metallic construction with a capacity of approximately 0.9 litres, and additionally feature a belt clip and metal linked strap for attachment to the lid.

An interesting collector's piece, that we'd recommend an extremely thorough clean and disinfecting before use given their extreme age! 

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