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British Metropolitan Police Tactical Polo

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

"Oi mate, 'ave you got a license for that?"

British Metropolitan Police and Home Office personnel issue tactical polos, constructed in 100% polyester and featuring two strips of loop velcro as a universal fixture for most hook paneled patches. 

Super comfy, and featuring a buttoned collar in a standard polo design, it serves as an excellent every day wear polo. Since you'll be wearing it, at least it won't be used by British coppers going out and doing silly things like going out and confiscating butter knives. For that reason alone, these are a must have!

Sizing Guide (based on body measurements): 

  • Medium: 38-40 inch chest
  • Large: 40-42 inch chest
  • Extra Large: 42-44 inch chest
  • Extra-Extra Large: 44-46 inch chest
  • Extra-Extra-Extra Large: 46-48 inch chest

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