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British Army WW2 Reproduction Pattern 37 Lee Enfield Rifle Case

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

"Right chaps, grab that "smell-ie", and throw on your musketry order! We're shootin' mad minutes ta'day!" 

Faithful reproduction of the original Pattern 37 rifle cases, utilized by British and Commonwealth forces to carry rifles under administrative conditions. Given the conditions of wartime, photographic evidence remains generally scare as most rifles were carried throughout both world wars uncovered. However, these make a great piece of kit for the sportsman, or reenactor trying to maintain that "vintage operator" look.

These Pattern 37 reproduction cases were designed for the Short Magazine Lee Enfield family of rifles, fitting both the No. 1s and No. 4 variations, or any rifle up to 46 inches long. They are based off a design dating to the Pattern 1908 used in the Great War, with an addition of an auxiliary pocket which would officially designated it as a Pattern 37. The cases also feature two metal loops at the rear, allowing our reproduction Mk. 1 rifle slings to be attached as a carrying strap - please note however that these slings are not included with this case. 

These cases may have small faint production pen marks which can be easily removed, allow or your own service stamps, names, or blanco to be applied.  

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