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British Army WW2 Reproduction 2nd Pattern Dension Smock

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom 

Issued Paras and Special Forces during the Second World War, the Dension Smock was well ahead of it's time. This faithful reproduction of the "Airborne Smock, Denison Pattern" is a significant improvement in construction than the other Dension pattern smocks we have carried in the past, with an accurate representation of the wartime "brushstroke" colours. 

In many ways, the "brushstroke" design of the Denison camouflage pattern was the grand-daddy of Rhodesian Brushstroke patterns developed during the Bush War. It was also light years ahead of the khakis of the Commonwealth during the Second World War in it's concept. The first designs for what would become the Dension smocks came from observations of German paratroopers encountered by British forces fighting on Crete. Allegedly named after a Major Mervyn Dennison (yes, with the mispelled name) who worked under wartime camouflage design Olive Messel, the smocks first started showing up around 1941. The first smocks were constructed from heavyweight khaki drill, which was painted with alternating shades of green/brown. For that reason, geniune wartime smocks will never appear the same as they were painted by hand with extremely large mop-like brushes. The 2nd pattern incorporated more "brushstroke" patterns rather than large blobs in it's camouflage scheme.

Mass production of the 2nd pattern smock began in 1943 in preparation for the eventual invasion of Normandy. They'd eventually see use throughout D-Day, and through Operation Market Garden with British and Commonwealth Airborne forces despite being replaced with full zippered patterns in 1944. They'd continue to see service long after the Second World War, with some examples observed as far away as Indochina, Congo, Malaya and Rhodesia. 

The 1st Pattern smocks prominently featured four large buttoned pockets, a quarter cut zipper, and the buttoned "butt-flap", intended to prevent wardrobe malfunctions for parachutists. Our smocks carry all of these features, in addition to a solid representation of hand-painted Brushstrokes based off of war time examples. Constructed from a heavyweight khaki drill as the originals were, they remain a rugged piece that is still field-worthy after many decades since their introduction. Not many pieces of gear used by the British in the Second World War have that unique distinction! 

The smock is perfect for military history enthusiasts, hunters and adventurers based off their rugged, utilitarian design and prominent battle-tested camouflage!

Sizing Guide:
  • Medium: 37-39 inch chest, 5'8-5'11 height - Garment physically measures 44 inches around the chest circumference 
  • Large: 41-43 inch chest, 6'0-6'4 height -  Garment physically measures 54 inches around the chest circumference

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