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British Army WW1 Reproduction Pattern 1908 Webbing

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Faithful reproduction of the standard issue British Army Pattern of 1908 webbing, as it would have been assembled and prepared as fighting order during the first two years of the Great War (1914-1915), with Mk. 1 pouches. Constructed from a strong khaki (prounounced in Canada "kar-kee") colour, it's design incorporated lessons of rotting leather and poor designing that had plagued the fighting order of the infantryman fighting in Britain's colonial conflicts. 

Purpose built to carry 150 rounds of British .303 ammunition, it gave British and Commonwealth troops a distinct advantage in utility in the field, in contrast to the infantrymen of other armies. Additionally, when the complete set was put together, it had a self contained water bottle carrier, entrenching tool carrier components, bayonet components and a personal small pack for the troops. This made it a self contained cross-strapped (later known as "Rhodesian style") fighting order, purpose built for combat in a fashion that would inspire webbing designs for decades to come, from Israel to Rhodesia. 

The canvas is ready to go for blanco treatments for those looking to prep it for the field, and tough enough for be tossed around in the mud for a bit for a "trench warrior" look. These incredible sets of web gear were "space age" for 1908, and remain usable for reenactors, historical shooters, and collectors. 

Each set of webbing features all the essentials that a British or Commonwealth soldier would have needed in the trenches including:
  • Fully adjustable webbing belt and x-cross straps, fits up to 54 inch waists
  • 2x 75 round clip pouches, designed to keep three 10 round stripper clips of .303 British ammunition
  • Small pack with approximately 7L carry capacity, measuring 9x11x4 inche
  • Water Bottle Carrier
  • Bayonet Frog and Entrenching Tool Handle (Helve) Carrier
  • Entrenching Tool Head Carrier

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