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British Army WW1 Reproduction Pattern 1908 Belt

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Faithful reproduction of the standard issue British Army Pattern of 1908 webbing belt, as it would have been worn as a duty belt during the the Great War. Constructed from a strong khaki (prounounced in Canada "kar-kee") colour, it's design incorporated lessons of rotting leather and poor designing that had plagued the fighting order of the infantryman fighting in Britain's colonial conflicts. 

The belt, completed the smart look of the extremely aesthetic khaki service dress uniform, and generally worn with a bayonet frog. The canvas is ready to go for blanco treatments for those looking to prep it for the field, and tough enough for be tossed around in the mud for a bit for a "trench warrior" look. The belt is fully adjustable as a near universal fit and can be extended up to a waist size of 56 inches with the included buckle and metal loop assembly. 

These incredible sets of web gear were "space age" for 1908, and remain usable for reenactors, historical shooters, and collectors. As far as reenactment goes, these are a must-have for public events, unless you plan on standing around in your fighting order all day! 

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