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British Army WW1 Reproduction Pattern 1902 Trousers w/ Suspenders

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The Pattern of 1902 service uniform consisted of a khaki (pronounced "kar-KEE" in Canada, the best attempt of silly Canuck troops imitating a British accent) serge uniform, and utilized in garrison, in the field, and in combat. Fielded shortly after the end of the Boer War, the Pattern 1902 consisted of a service dress cap, 5 button tunic (in a various complex or more economy variations), and button-fly, suspendered trousers. 

 They worked quite well as a general service pant, and would see widespread adoption at the outbreak of war in 1914. It would be utilized by all British forces, and the armies of her Imperial Allies, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Newfoundland and India during the Great War before being superseded shortly before the Second World War by the Battle Dress Uniform. 

These trousers features two hand pockets, and include a three point fully adjustable suspender with leather button hole. The inseam of the pants are roughly identical to the waist size, but are generally irrelevant once you wrap a mandatory set of 3 meter puttees around these trousers. These pants are a most have for Great War reenactors, or those wishing to add a unique reproduction to their personal collections of militaria! 

Please note that these pants are constructed externally with a 100% wool weave, which has been known to shrink and pill under most washing machine conditions. We recommend gentle cold water hand wash to ensure the longevity of these pants! Additionally, the waist are cut exact to length and are supposed to have some additional slack as they are held up by suspenders, we recommend going up a size if in doubt for this reason.

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