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British Army WW1 Repro Small Box Respirator

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The British Army introduced the Small Box Respirator (SBR) in 1916 to replace the primative PH (phenate-hexamine) hoods which had been in use since 1915 as a counter to poison gas attacks by the central powers. Featuring a hose attached filter, large carrying bag and basic suction seal, these were a huge improvement to the floppy PH hoods and allowed the wearer the ability to still comfortably wear his helmet and maintain a greater degree of visibility through the rigid eye holes. In many ways, the SBR would inspire gas mask design for many years to come. They would be issued in large numbers to all the front line British, ANZAC, Canadian, Indian and American troops during the First World War. They would see service tight up until the Second World War, and were still a common sight strapped to the chests of British troops at the Dunkirk evacuations in 1940.

Each carefully made reproduction features a buttoned carrying bag with twine for a back attachment, small box respirator with breathing hose, nose piece, reproduction filter and internal bag spring. Bear in mind, this is a REPRODUCTION and sold specifically as a novelty for reenactments and displays, do not attempt to use this as an actual gas mask.

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