British Army Tropical DPM "No. 9" Lightweight Shirt

British Army Tropical DPM "No. 9" Lightweight Shirt

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Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Extremely lightweight British Army Tropical DPM shirts, first adopted in the 1970s for British soldiers operating overseas in tropical climates or to those stationed in Hong Kong. These shirts saw a relatively long service life, with various shirts being issued well into the early 1990s. 

The shirt itself is constructed from an extremely comfortable polycotton fabric, and there may be slight variations in the pattern itself, however it is generally a lighter hue and less saturated that later Pattern 92 and Soldier 95 DPM swatches. The shirts work excellent as a standalone piece of kit, especially in hotter conditions. The shirts feature shoulder epaulletes, zipper/button hybrid closures and large buttoned breast pockets. 

Sizing Guide (based on garment measurement):

  • Small Short: 42 inch chest, 27 inch length
  • Medium Extra-Short: 46 inch chest, 25 inch length
  • Medium Short: 46 inch chest, 27 inch length
  • Medium Regular: 46 inch chest, 29 inch length

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